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Time Limit

Routine Size

Solo - 1 dancer

Duo/Trio - 2 to 3 dancers

Small Group - 4 to 9 dancers

Large Group - 10 to 19 dancers

Line - 20 or more dancers

Production - 20 or more dancers

Mini-Musical - 10 or more dancers (see guidelines below)

  • Must reflect storyline or plot progression from a broadway or movie musical

  • Routine title must reflect theme

  • Dancers must represent characters from the story

  • Can be a combination of styles (jazz, tap, hip hop, etc.)

*Dependent upon registration, skill levels and age groups may be combined for the mini-musical division.

2 minutes 45 seconds

3 minutes

3 minutes

4 minutes

4 minutes

8 minutes

8 minutes




1.  The difference between Line and Production entries is the time limit allowed. 

2.  One dancer may enter up to four solos


Extended Time

  1. Routines may be extended by 1:00 minute increments up to an additional 4:00 minutes. Routines wishing to extend past 4:00 minutes must have approval from Inferno Dance prior to competition and all routines extended past 4:00 minutes will automatically be put in their own high score category. 

  2. A one point deduction will be subtracted from the total score for every 5 seconds in excess.

  3. Extended Time is available for small groups, large groups, lines, productions and mini-musicals only


Extension Rates:

Small Group                        $100.00/minute

Large Group/Line                 $150.00/minute

Production/Mini-Musical        $175.00/minute

After 3 minutes                     $200.00/minute

Age Group

Age Group

12 - 14 years         
15-16 years
17-18 years
20 and Over

4 and Under          

5 - 6 years

7 - 8 years

9 -11 years

We take the average age of performers as of January 1 dropping off any decimal.

EXAMPLE: An 11.8 year old dancer would compete in the 11 year old category.

1.  The 20 & Over division is for Adults / Teachers.  This division is NOT eligible for high score, specialty or title awards.  If there are enough entries at a specific regional location, a high score award MAY be given.
2.  Only amateur dancers are permitted to compete (except in the Teacher division).
3.  The same dancer cannot compete more than once in the same category and age group in the Solo division.  Duo/Trios are allowed to compete in the same category and age group as long as at least 50% of the routine is made up of different dancers.  This means that contestants must never compete against themselves in the same age group and category.
4.  Dancers are allowed to compete UP in age range. Dancers are NOT ALLOWED to compete DOWN in age range.

Skill Level

Ember (different abilities/accessible)

Spark (beginner)

Fire (intermediate)

Blaze (advanced)

There are separate levels for all age groups and categories which are determined by the level of the skills within the routine, not by those of the individual dancer(s).  


It is possible for a dancer to perform two or more routines in different levels as long as they are from different category groupings (i.e. classical and commercial).

Levels are based on the following criteria

  1. Tempo of music and/or movement

  2. Body alignment and movement of dancer

  3. Skills listed below


Routines may not contain mastery of more than 2 skills of a higher level. The execution of these two skills must appropriately reflect the level of the dancer. If routines contain mastery of more than 2 skills of a higher level or do not reflect the level of the dancer, the routine will automatically be placed in the higher level.

Levels modifications are made at the discretion of the on-site judging panel.

Level modifications do not suggest or imply scoring placements at the modified level.

Level modifications by judging panel are final.


Ember: Level for dancers with physical or developmental disabilities

  • Duo/Trio routines with 1 or more dancers of ember level can be entered at the ember level

  • 50% or more of the individual dancers in a group must be in the ember level for the routine, as a whole, to be placed in the ember level

Skill Level

Categories & Styles

The Classical Styles

The Company Styles

ACROBATIC: tumbling, passes, flexibility / contortionist movements, and / or stationary gymnastics skills. Must also contain dance movements and choreography.


CONTEMPORARY: a combination of lyrical and modern movements.


LYRICAL: should reflect lyrical technique (balance, extension, and control) with the mood of the music.

OPEN: All entries that are Clogging, Ethnic (Folkloric), Mixed styles (combination of styles), Pom, Kick or styles that are not in above categories.​

The Commercial Styles

CHARACTER: recognizable character movements (clown, animal, etc.) in any category style. Acro style is allowed, but only 50% of routine can be acro skills and the other 50% has to be dance movements.

HIP-HOP: at least 75% of Hip-Hop or street type moves.

JAZZ: any type of jazz movements.

MUSICAL THEATER: movements that reflect a Broadway Show or Musical.

TAP: tap technique. No acro passes permitted.


The Communication Styles

MONOLOGUE: a spoken passage from a show or written work. Can be comedic, dramatic, or any style. One handheld, wireless microphone is provided by Inferno Dance. No dancing required.

VOCAL: simultaneous dancing while singing. Routine may be any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be pre-recorded and must contain only backup vocals, no lead vocals are permitted. One handheld, wireless microphone is provided by Inferno Dance.


  • In the above categories with the exception of Acro, Character, Open, and Hip Hop no routine is permitted to consist of:

    • more than three acrobatic passes (Acro passes which consist of a combination of 2 or more gymnastic/acrobatic skills are considered as one trick.)

    • More than 20% of acrobatic tricks.  

  • No acro tricks are permitted in Tap or Pointe.

  • Lifts are permitted.

  • Judges have the right to move a number into a different category based on their interpretation of the dance style used in the routine. Studio directors / owners will then be given the opportunity to move the routine to the appropriate category or that routine will risk disqualification.

    • Vocal and Monologue routines are often moved into separate categories as they are judged with separate criteria.​


BALLET: ballet technique, classical steps, and movements. Ballet shoes only, no pointe shoes allowed.

MODERN: interpretive movement using Graham, Horton, Limon, and/or Cunningham modern technique.


POINTE: pointe technique. No acro passes permitted.

Judging and Awards

Each dance (with the exception of vocal and monologue categories) will be judged on:

Execution of Technique - 35 points total

  • Technique in Transition, Placement and Movement - 20 points

  • Technical Skills - 15 points


Execution of Performance - 30 points total

  • Projection and Performance - 20 points

  • Uniformity of Movement & Use of Stage/Transitions (Duo, Trios, and Groups) / Use of Stage/Transitions in Movement (Solos)- 10 points


Artistry - 35 points total

  • Dynamics and Texture - 15 points

  • Style and Artistic Expression - 15 points

  • Choreography and Concept - 5 points

Vocal Category Judging Criteria

  • Tone Quality - 20 pts.

  • Intonation - 20 pts.

  • Technique-  20 pts.

  • Showmanship - 20 pts.

  • Dictation/Overall Articulation - 20 pts.

Monologue Category Judging Criteria

  • Character - 20 pts.

  • Voice - 20 pts.

  • Movement - 20 pts.

  • Pacing - 20 pts.

  • Overall Presentation - 20 pts.

Judges will provide audio commentary


Scores and audio critiques will be available to view via DanceCompGenie within a week of the competition. An email with instructions on how to access scores and critiques will be sent to the studio owner prior to each competition.


ADJUDICATED: Every routine will receive an Adjudicated Award based on the below scoring:

Titanium: 297 - 300 pts.

Elite Platinum: 290 - 296.9 pts.

Platinum: 289.9 - 284 pts.

High Gold: 283.9 - 278 pts. 

Gold: 277.9 - 272 pts.

High Silver: 271.9 - 266 pts.

Silver: 265.99 & below.


HIGH SCORE: awarded in each level (Spark, Fire, and Blaze) and in each age group (4 & Under, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-16, 17-19, 20 & Older) for Solos, Duos/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines, Mini-Musicals and Productions, if applicable.​ 


  • Levels and age groups may be combined based on registration at each event at the discretion of Inferno Dance.  

  • Ties are broken or awarded at the discretion of the on-site judging panel.

  • The same dancer cannot compete more than once in the same category and age group in the Solo division.  Solo dancers may only place once per high score category. Duo/Trios are allowed to compete in the same category and age group as long as at least 50% of the routine is made up of different dancers.  This means that contestants must never compete against themselves in the same age group and category.

The breakdown of the number of High Scores awarded is determined by the number of routines within each level, age group, and routine size as follows:


1 - 3 routines = 1 winner

4 - 5 routines = 1 winner, 1 runner-up

6 - 8 routines = 1 winner, 2 runners-up

9 - 13 routines = 1 winner, 4 runners-up

14 - 16 routines = 1 winner, 7 runners-up

17 - 25 routines = 1 winner, 9 runners-up

25+ routines = 1 winner, 14 runners-up


GRAND CHAMPION: A Grand Champion award is given to the top scoring routine of each level (Spark, Fire, and Blaze) for all Group routines (including Lines and Productions).  For Solos, Duos, and Trios, a Grand Champion award is given to the top scoring routine of the following age groups (11 & Under and 12 & Over). If there are less than 25 routines in a grand champion category, it may be combined with another or not awarded at Inferno's discretion. Additional grand champion categories may be offered depending on the amount of routines and session divisions.

TITLE: Available exclusively to Solos.  For more information about TITLE, click here!


INFERNO SHOWCASE: Stand-out routines will be selected by the judges to perform in the Inferno Showcase. These routines will be selected based on entertainment and creativity, not based on adjudicated scores.  Each routine will be awarded a plaque and will not be scored a second time.

CUTTING EDGE CHOREO: Several routines will receive awards for what the judges feel had the best choreography, regardless of score.

FASHION ON FIRE: Awarded several times per competition to routines with the best costume.

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION AWARD: Several routines will receive awards for what the judges find to be the most entertaining, artistic or creative regardless of score.

SYNERGY AWARD: Several group and duo/trio routines will receive awards for what the judges find to be the most collaborative and teamwork-oriented routines.

DISTINGUISHED TECHNIQUE AWARD: Several  routines will receive awards for what the judges find to be the most technically excellent routines.

JUDGES' CHOICE: Awarded several times per competition to the judges' standout routines, regardless of score.

BEST IMPROV: At each competition, dancers are given the opportunity to sign up for an Improv Contest.  A limited number of contestants will participate in 30 seconds of improv to two different styles of dance.  A winner and a runner-up will be selected from each of the following age groups: 11 & Under and 12 & Over.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Awarded to the studio who displays a significantly fair, generous, and/or positive attitude during the competition.

STUDIO ON FIRE: Each competition acknowledges one studio with the most well-rounded dancers and best sportsmanship.

FANS ON FIRE: Each competition will also acknowledge one studio with the most enthusiastic, gracious, and kind fans both towards their own dancers and everyone else at the competition.

TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE: Awarded to a studio who excels in technical execution and precision.

EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE: Awarded to a studio who stands-out in performance quality, musicality and communication.

OUTSTANDING ARTISTRY: Awarded to a studio who excels in story-telling, creativity and artistic expression through movement.

STAFF CHOICE PINS: Inferno Dance staff members will be handing out pins to any attendee (dancers, directors, parents, etc.) who exhibit acts of kindness, courteousness, helpfulness, and other notably positive behavior at the event.

PLEASE NOTE: The number and types of awards given out at each competition may change at the discretion of Inferno Dance.

Judging and Awards

Title Competition

All soloists are eligible to add TITLE to their routine, regardless of skill level.

The Title portion of the competition lasts for an hour and is usually scheduled on the Saturday of the event before the first session of the day.  


Dancers are not required to provide a headshot.


Prior to the competiton, dancers will be interviewed virtually about their interests and background in dance.


Dancers also participate in an improv class on-site by one of our judges or a member of the Inferno Dance staff.  Dancers will perform to two styles of music with a break for feedback from the judges in between.




Title dancers are then scored by the judges on their interviews and audition class.  That score is then added to dancers' adjudicated solo score to create a total Title score.​

To win title, the routine must receive an adjudication of platinum or higher

The Titles awarded to winners are determined by age, as follows:

  • Tiny Inferno Titleist: 6 years old & Under

  • Petite Inferno Titleist: 7-8 years old

  • Junior Inferno Titleist: 9-11 years old

  • Teen Inferno Titleist: 12-14 years old

  • Senior Inferno Titleist: 15 years old & Over

PLEASE NOTE: Dancers in the 20 & Older age group are NOT eligible to compete for Title, but will be allowed to participate in the Title Masterclass.

Title Competition

Registration and Payment Policies

  • Entries will be accepted on a "first-come, first-served" basis and registration will be closed once all time slots are filled.  Routine spaces may only be reserved with a deposit or full payment of routines.

  • Registration is due 60 days before the event's start.

  • Payment is due in full 45 days before the event's start.  

  • A $15/routine late fee will be assessed for all routines NOT paid before registration has closed.  

  • Registration will NOT be accepted less than two weeks prior to event.

  • Only studio checks, money orders, or cashier checks are accepted.

  • Credit cards are accepted with a 3.7% additional processing fee. Individual personal checks will NOT be honored.

  • Payment of entries sent after the deadline date must be in the form of a money order or cashier's check.

  • All returned checks are subject to a $25 service fee.


Inferno Dance reserves the right to cancel the event for any reason.  If an event is cancelled by Inferno for any reason, all attendees will receive a 100% refund.


No refunds will be given if the event is held. In the event of an emergency or illness, only studio credits will be issued with proper verification at the discretion of Inferno Dance.  

For the 2022 Season:

  • Dancers exposed to COVID-19 but wishing to attend the event must show a negative COVID test administered within 72 hours of the event to attend.

  • If the dancer tests positive within 72 hours of the event, the dancer will receive a credit for their registration.

  • Without proof of a positive test, no credit or refund will be offered.

No dancer from a studio may perform until full payment from that studio has been received.

A representative from each studio must check in upon arrival at the apparel station to receive welcome package and information. Any payment disputes will also be handled at this time.

Overpayment Policy:

Pre-Season (August - December 15):

Clients who overpay may:

  1. Request a refund of their overpayment by December 15th in writing (via email) with a valid mailing address

  2. Place the overpayment on the account as a credit to be used for the upcoming event or a later Inferno event.*

*Clients who select this option will have their unused payments mailed back to them within 10 business days following the closure of the event.


In Season (December 15 - July 31):

Clients that overpay will have a credit placed on the account for the amount. Unless another address is provided, any overpayments will be mailed to the address attached to the client’s DanceCompGenie account within 10 business days following the closure of the event.


NO CASH REFUNDS will be supplied.

It is agreed upon entering any Inferno Event that participants, including students, parents, teachers, and other spectators, will not hold Inferno or its owner, directors, employees, or host facilities liable for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted by them, or loss of property while in attendance and/or participating in any activity of an Inferno event.

Event Date

Routine Registration Deadline

Payment Deadline

February 17-19 February 24-26 March 3-5
March 10-12 March 17-19 March 24-26 March 31-April 2 April 14-16
April 20-22
April 21-23
April 28-30
May 5-7
May 12-14
May 19-22
December 19
December 26
January 2
January 9
January 16
January 23
January 30
February 13
February 19
February 20
February 27
March 6
March 13
March 20

January 3

January 10

January 17

January 24

January 31

February 7

February 14

February 28

March 6

March 7

March 14

March 21

March 28

April 4

Registration and Fees


  • Event schedules and information will only be made available to studio owners once ALL payment is COMPLETED.

  • Tentative schedules will be provided to studio owners via email or through their DanceCompGenie accounts two weeks prior to event.  

  • Studio owners will then have 5 days to submit any necessary adjustments or changes to once they have received the tentative schedule. 

  • Final schedules, directions to event location, and any other information necessary for the event will become accessible/emailed approximately 7 days prior to event. 

  • Routines will occur in the order that Inferno Dance schedules them UNLESS permission is granted by Inferno Dance to change the order.  

  • Scheduling requests will be accepted by Inferno Dance on a "first-come, first-serve basis." Details on how to submit a request for the 2023 season will be available soon.

  • No requests will be accepted after the final schedule has been released.

  • If scheduling adjustments are made after the final schedule has been published, routines may perform for adjudication only and will not be eligible for high score awards or any awards announced prior to the performance.

  • Dancers must be prepared to go on stage at least 60 minutes before their scheduled performance time. 

  • Any routine that is late for its performance order without Inferno Dance approval may be subject to disqualification.



Music should be uploaded to DanceCompGenie once registration is complete and at least 72 hours prior to the start of the competition.


Additionally, music back-ups must be submitted on a USB flash drive or iPod, either of which must be clearly labeled with studio name, address, and telephone number. Labeled music is to be submitted to the DJ upon check in, at least one hour before performance time.  

Music must be edited and cued to start.  A 5 point deduction will be taken if music is not edited or cued.  


All music must be compiled into one playlist, in the order of performance.  Title your playlist "INFERNO DANCE - [ YOUR STUDIO NAME ]". Each song on the playlist needs to be titled with its corresponding assigned entry number in parenthesis, followed by the routine name.


Playlist: INFERNO DANCE - Starblasterz Dance Academy

Song: (124) The Lion Sleeps Tonight




If your routine contains props that are not able to be placed by dancers at the start of the routine, please email us at and provide us with a size and description of all props and the routine in which they will be utilized.  Any questions or concerns about props must be brought to Inferno Dance’s attention at the time of registration.

Freestanding props that need start on stage may be placed by helpers within 2 minutes of the beginning of the routine and completely cleared from the stage within 2 minutes following the end of the routine.

Props not placed/removed within 2 minutes will incur a 2 point deduction per additional minute. 


Please notify the backstage manager at least 10 minutes before the start of the routine if a prop will need to be placed by helpers. When not being utilized, helpers must remain backstage and away from interfering with all dancers. 


NO OVERSIZED SCENERY OR PLATFORMS. Dancers cannot be standing above 10 feet from the stage floor.


NO DANGEROUS PROPS, such as fire, guns, swords, knives or functioning weapons.  


Anything damaging to the stage floor is subject to responsibility of studio.


Any loose props must be cleaned up by the studio members in a timely manner.

All items on the stage must be cleaned up by your studio. Please leave the stage floor the way you found it.

Violation of any of these rules may result in deduction in score or disqualification at the discretion of Inferno Dance

Photography and Videos

Click here to learn more about FREE MEDIA

Because Inferno Dance offers free event photography and video, PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED and failure to adhere to this may result in disqualification of routine.


At some events, however, press passes may be given to one or two designated representatives from each studio who will be allowed to photograph and/or film their studio’s performances. Studio directors / owners will be alerted ahead of time if this pertains to the event they are attending. 


By agreeing to participate in these events, choreographers, teachers, and performers automatically grant permission to Inferno Dance to use their relevant photos for publicity purposes, including: ads, television, videotaping, and film broadcasting in connection with promotional campaigns.

Photography and Videos

Content and Conduct

All routines MUST be appropriate for family viewing.  Any routines with suggestive or inappropriate movements, costumes, and/or lyrics may be scored lower by judges or disqualified.


Similarly, all dancers, teachers, and parents are expected to act in a professional, respectful manner. Failure to do so may result in score deductions, disqualification, or removal from the event.  

Inferno Dance reserves the right to deny registration/entry to an event based on any actions deemed as mis-conduct or in violation of Inferno policies. Failure to comply with Inferno's code of conduct and policies may result in inability to attend future events.

Smoking, alcoholic substances and drugs are prohibited in or around the competition area.  We ask that all smokers stand at least 50 yards from the competition venue to preserve the well-being of our dancers, audience members and our staff members.

Code and Conduct
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