Frequently asked questions


What is a typical competition schedule?

Event schedules are made based on the amount of routines and the quantity of each routine type registered and therefore, no two schedules are alike. We do not have a typical competition schedule but we do typically only schedule solos, duos, and trios on Friday evenings and the title competition is generally held the first hour on Saturday morning.

When will I receive my studio's schedule?

Preliminary schedules will be released 2-3 weeks prior to the event. Final schedules will be released 1-2 week(s) prior to the event. Once the schedule is created, studio owners will receive a notification email with instructions on how to generate your schedule as well as a PDF copy of the schedule to print prior to arrival.

When are event programs available?

Digital programs will be posted on the Inferno Store for purchase 48 hours prior to the event. To purchase your program before the event:

  1. Open the Inferno Store
  2. Select the program for the regional you are attending
  3. Once you are on the product page, click "add to cart"
  4. Confirm your order and click "checkout"
  5. Enter all payment information
  6. If all information is correct, the purchase should be confirmed on the following page and an order confirmation including a download link to the program will be sent to your email.
PLEASE NOTE: The email you put under "email for order confirmation" is where your program will be sent. Please ensure you can access this email/confirmation on your desired device. To purchase your program at the event:
  1. At our apparel stand you will find a poster with a QR Code (please see apparel attendant if you do not immediately see it).
  2. Follow the directions on the poster to scan the QR code.
  3. Once scanned, it will direct you to the program product page and from there, you will be able to purchase the program.
  4. The program will be sent to the email entered under "email for order confirmation" and you should be able to download/open the program from that email.
PLEASE NOTE: We have little or no control over the reception or Wi-Fi available at our venues, thus a good connection/quick download speed cannot be guaranteed on site. For ease of access, we recommend purchasing your program ahead of time.

My dancers have a scheduling conflict! What do I do?

We do our best to accommodate scheduling requests. If payment has not been made and we are more than 7 business days from the event:

  1. Fill out and submit this form for changes to be made: Schedule Adjustment Form
If payment has been made or we are within 7 business days of the event:
  1. Send an email to detailing when the routines can and cannot perform at specific times. Email must include:
    • Which routines are affected
    • What dates/times they cannot perform
Please note: We do our best to accommodate scheduling requests but if there are conflicting requests, we schedule on a first-come, first-served basis in the order the requests were received. To accommodate scheduling requests, routines may be moved outside their scheduled session. Routines performing outside of the scheduled session may result in performing for adjudication only.


What should title dancers wear for the interview & master class?

Title dancers should wear dance-wear for both the interview and master class.

What is title?

Title is an additional competition experience available to soloists of all ages and levels. The title competition consists of an interview and master class. During the allotted title hour, dancers are interviewed in the presence of the judges about their experiences and interests in dance. Dancers also participate in an audition class taught by one of our judges or a member of the Inferno Dance staff. The dance style highlighted in the masterclass is ultimately determined by the teacher's specialty, but typically includes an emphasis on jazz and/or lyrical choreography. Title dancers are then scored by the judges on their interviews and audition class. That score is then added to dancers' adjudicated solo score to create a total Title score.​

How do I sign up for title?

Title can be added to any dancer's solo registration. Just check the "solo title" box on the registration page for the solo you wish to add title. Dancers may register multiple solos for title. Each routine will be charged the title fee. Title may be added day of. There is an additional $10 fee for any title entries added on-site at the competition.

How is title awarded?

We award title in the following age divisions: Miss/Mister Tiny Inferno: 6 years old & Under Miss/Mister Petite Inferno: 7-8 years old Miss/Mister Junior Inferno: 9-11 years old Miss/Mister Teen Inferno: 12-14 years old Miss/Mister Senior Inferno: 15 years old & Over All solos in a division must be performed for adjudication before a title age division can be awarded. Title soloists are still eligible for high score awards.


Is the Nationals schedule available?

We have tentative schedules available on each of the nationals pages. Midwest: click here Northeast: click here Southeast: click here These schedules are highly subject to change. As registration is completed for the event, we will build the routine schedule and update the schedule to include competition sessions.

What is the battle?

All High Score winners are invited into the Inferno Nationals Battle on the final day of competition. These winners will perform again in select battle categories, competing for the coveted Inferno Battle Cup! Following the battle, we will have our final awards ceremony and announce our Grand Champions.

How do I book my rooms?

Booking instructions for hotel rooms are available on each nationals page of our website. Midwest: click here Northeast: click here Southeast: click here Please be sure to submit or tell the reservations desk which studio you are attending nationals with (if you are not an independent!)

How do I receive Nationals pricing and information?

Pricing and information kits are available to studio owners only. If you are a studio owner, please email us here so we can reply with your nationals kit!


How do I register for an event?

Click here to visit our DanceCompGenie registration website. Once on the registration page, you can create an account. If you have used DanceCompGenie before, and have an existing account, please click here to login. The website will then walk you through the registration steps of adding your dancers, selecting an event, and registering routines.

How do I make adjustments to my routines?

If payment has not been made:

  1. Login to your DanceCompGenie Account ( click here )
  2. Locate your registration for our event
  3. Click "Make Changes"
  4. Select your routines and adjust what is needed
  5. Click "Save Routine"
  6. Click "continue to checkout"
If payment has been made:
  1. All changes must be submitted to Inferno Registration Staff via this registration adjustment form.
  2. We will make routine adjustments within 2 business days and send a revised invoice if payment is affected.
If the final schedule has been released, adjustments must be submitted to and are subject to approval by registration staff.

When is registration and payment due?

All registration and payment is due 30 days prior to the first day of the event. All payments made after the 30 day deadline will incur a per routine late fee.

Do you accept independents?

We do! Head to the DanceCompGenie registration page (found here) and register under the Independent/Solo area.

Where can I find pricing?

Studio owners can email us for a starter kit which includes pricing information!

What are your skill levels?

Please click here to find all details about our leveling system and a levels breakdown!

Do you have a photogenic competition?

We do not have photogenic but we do have title! Our title competition includes an interview and master class. You can find more information about title here.

Critiques, Photos & Videos

How do I access my critiques and scores after the event?

Following the event, critiques and scores will be uploaded to DanceCompGenie. Critiques may take up to 48 hours to appear on your DanceCompGenie dashboard. To access critiques and scores:

  1. Login to your DanceCompGenie Account
  2. Find the event you attended
  3. Click the button labeled "Judge's Critiques"
  4. Listen and download at your leisure!

How do I get my photos and videos?

Photos and videos are uploaded in real time to the application Dakiki. Find it in your app store and make an account to view all the photos after the competition! For studio owners:

  1. Find and download the application from your App Store
  2. Using the same email connected to your DanceCompGenie account, either sign up or create an account with Dakiki
  3. All media from the events attended should be available at that time
For parents/dancers:
  1. Find and download the application in your App Store
  2. After it has downloaded, either log in with your existing account or click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner and create an account
  3. Click "Add Event" at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click "View all events by competition" at the bottom of the screen
  5. Select "Inferno Dance" from the list
  6. If you do not see your event, click "Past events" at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Find your event and click "Video and Photos"
  8. Search your dancer by their name and birthday.

Do you charge a media fee?

No! All photos and videos will be free to access via the application Dakiki!