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In our first 10 years, we lit the spark and ignited dancers on a path of passion and creativity. In our next decade, we turn our focus to developing not just incredible dancers, but young professionals in the performing arts. We ask what the future may look like for these artists and how we can nurture their education and expand their horizons to all avenues of performance. Whether it’s on stage, on film, or behind the scenes, we're here to show the endless possibilities and promote them on a path of ignited and passionate pursuit.


At Inferno, we find that collaboration, creativity and expression are at the heart of all successful artistic endeavors. After 14 years of uniting and encouraging dancers, we want to ask, “how can we invest not just in their dance education, but in their future as well-rounded artists?” We hope dancers will use their foundation in dance to light the way for artistic pursuits that are not only valuable, but world changing. In the next decade, we aim to unite not just young dancers, but young artists. Through revolutionizing the competition world to be an educational and encouraging space, we can show young artists not only is there room for their story, but also many ways of expressing it. Through this collective and collaborative experience, we hope you will join us in showing young people the wealth of opportunities available to them in arts industries and keeping their fire for artistic pursuits ablaze. 


Inferno is dedicated to investing just as much into your studios as you are invested in your dancers.  This won't be just a new look for us.  It is a new way of learning and competing.   We will be turning our focus to not just developing incredible dancers, but developing young professionals in the arts  industry.  

We will be educating your students throughout our season, providing resources and exposing dancers to different opportunities in the arts.  Whether it's on the stage, on film, behind the camera lens, or in the business world of the performing arts industry.

Join us to celebrate our 15th Season as we continue to expand to new locations and offer opportunities across the nation.  Don't miss the chance to be part of something unlike anything you've experienced before!  

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