Registration & Fees

Registration Fee: $35 PER ROUTINE

Title Fee$20 PER ROUTINE (available for soloists - includes interview and master class opportunities)

Registration is done via DanceEra. For existing studios wishing to register, we will move your routines into the virtual competition event. Once in that event, you will be able to pay (if you were not already registered and paid).

Payment is available through DanceEra only. We are unable to accept checks for this event.



Title is an additional opportunity available to soloists.

The title competition includes an interview and master class with our judges. Title contestants are scored on both the interview and master class and these scores are combined with their solo score to create their title score.

The Titles awarded to winners are determined by age, as follows:

  • Miss/Mister Tiny Inferno: 6 years old & Under

  • Miss/Mister Petite Inferno: 7-8 years old

  • Miss/Mister Junior Inferno: 9-11 years old

  • Miss/Mister Teen Inferno: 12-14 years old

  • Miss/Mister Senior Inferno: 15 years old & Over


Soloists may enter multiple solos for title.

Within 48 hours following title registration, you will receive a link to your dancer's google drive folder and your scheduled interview time, along with video conference call information. 

Title interviews will be scheduled during the week leading up to the competition airing. Interviews will be scored out of 25 points.

Title master class videos will be sent out the Friday prior to the competition airing and will appropriate for all age and skill levels. Dancers will have until Sunday evening to submit their master class video to the google drive folder provided to them by Inferno. Master Class videos will be scored out of 25 points. 

Title winners will receive free title registration to any (1) Inferno event prior to August of 2021.


Schedule and Dates

The registration and video submission deadline for our Regionals is 30 days prior to the first day of the event.

If an abundance of registration is received we may open additional virtual competitions or divide existing registration into additional virtual competitions at Inferno’s discretion.

Video Submission 

1. Navigate to http://infernodance.danceera.com/admin/login

2. Login to your DanceEra Account

3. Select the gray button labeled "Schedule & Music"

4. Select the CSWS Virtual Dance Competition

5. On the right hand side of the screen, select the green button labeled "Upload Video"

6. In the pop-up window, select "Add File"

7. Select your file from your computer and click "open"

8. Once your video finishes uploading, click save.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the rest of your routines!


Currently DanceEra supports files in mp4 format.



We will be offering audio critiques by 3 trained and qualified judges for each routine. Critiques and scores will be provided via google drive link within 14 days of the competition completion.


Separate judges may be provided for separate sessions. All routines judged against one another for grand champion will be judged by the same judges.



Awards ceremonies will be the same as you would see at an in-person competition. The only adjustment is we will not have a “Best Costume” specialty award. 


Adjudicated Awards

  • Adjudicated awards will receive pins with their adjudication level on them! 

High Score Awards

  • We will be emailing certificates for high score awards presented during our awards ceremony.

Grand Champions:

  • We will be creating a virtual stamp announcing you as a grand champion which can be displayed on your website or other online platforms! 

At this time, no awards can be shipped outside the USA.



  • Current skill levels, competition rules, and time limits as stated on our website still apply. At the competition's discretion, a 15-second grace period may be offered to routines extending past the time limit.

  • Costumes will not be critiqued or impact scoring.

  • Routines may be filmed at the studio, from a competition stage, or from home environments. The environment in which the routine is performed will not affect scoring in any way. 

  • We accept videos from previous competitions as long as they were filmed within 12 months prior to the competition air date. We also accept routines filmed at home or non-competitive environments.

  • Inferno Dance is not responsible for any injuries occurring during the taping of submitted routine videos.

  • By registering for this event, you agree that any submitted routines are current routines being performed at competitions within the past 12 months competition season, featuring dancers currently enrolled at your studio.


By registering for this event, you agree with all policies stated above and are held accountable to abiding by all rules set forth within the rules and virtual competition pages of this website. Failure to comply with policies may result in disqualification from events.

We hope you will join us to keep our dancers dancing and our community connected! We wish you continued safety and health as we all work diligently to get back to normal. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

-The Inferno Team