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Inferno Tour Crew Application

Inferno is known for having incredible, diverse, dedicated and engaging team members. One of the first things we often hear from our clients is praise of the staff for their fun and positive energy. For this reason, we take the hiring and training of our team very seriously and maintain high standards for our on-site team members. The hiring process consists of applications, interviews, trainings and tests. Once hired, team members are continuously evaluated and monitored throughout the season.

Please note: first-year crew members are not staffed on more than 5 events initially. There is potential to work additional events as the season progresses, following a positive evaluation.


  • A passion for the arts and education of the next generation of dancers.

  • Commitment of at least 3 weekends in the season (between February and May).

  • The ability to travel to events Friday mornings and return Monday mornings. 

  • Able to fly out of a MAJOR U.S. airport (not regional). 

  • Comfort traveling via bus, plane, car or train.

  • The ability to keep energy up while working 14-16 hour days with limited breaks.

  • Professional attitude, appearance and conduct.

  • Team-player mentality

  • A clean criminal record

  • A US passport or driver's license

Crew Application

Basic Information

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