All soloists are eligible to add TITLE to their routine, regardless of skill level.

The Title portion of the competition lasts for an hour and is usually scheduled on the Saturday of the event before the first session of the day.  


Dancers are not required to provide a headshot.


During the allotted hour, dancers are interviewed by the judges about their experiences and interests in dance.  (There is no script for the interview; the judges use their own discretion when choosing questions.)

Dancers also participate in a special, half-hour masterclass taught by one of our judges or a member of the Inferno Dance staff.  The dance style highlighted in the masterclass is ultimately determined by the teacher's specialty, but typically includes an emphasis on jazz and/or lyrical choreography.

Title dancers are then scored by the judges on their interviews and masterclass.  That score is then added to dancers' adjudicated Solo score to create a total Title score.​

The Titles awarded to winners are determined by age, as follows:

  • Miss/Mister Tiny Inferno: 6 years old & Under

  • Miss/Mister Petite Inferno: 7-8 years old

  • Miss/Mister Junior Inferno: 9-11 years old

  • Miss/Mister Teen Inferno: 12-14 years old

  • Miss/Mister Senior Inferno: 15 years old & Over

PLEASE NOTE: Dancers in the 20 & Older age group are NOT eligible to compete for Title, but will be allowed to participate in the Title Masterclass.

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