Entries must be postmarked 30 days before the competition date or a $15/routine late fee will be assessed. Registration will not be accepted less than two weeks prior to event. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis and competition will be closed once time slots are filled. Payment must accompany entries. Only studio checks, money orders or cashier checks will be accepted. Credit cards will be accepted with a 3.7% additional fee. Individual personal checks will not be honored. All returned checks are subject to a $25 service fee. Payment of entries sent after the deadline date must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. If you register routines 60 days or before the first day of the competition you are attending, you will be eligible to receive a discount based on the Inferno Dance Loyalty Program (see fees for details). Discount will be applied only to those routines registered on or before the 60 day mark.

1. General Divisions

  • Solos

  • Duo/Trio

  • Small Group (4-9 dancers)

  • Large Group (10-19 dancers)

  • Lines (20 or more dancers)

  • Production (20 or more dancers)

PLEASE NOTE: The difference between Group/Line and Production entries is the time limit allowed. Groups/Lines are put into specific competition categories (jazz, tap, lyrical, etc.). Production is a category in and of itself and is only separated into two age divisions (11 & Under and 12 & Over). Productions can include a variety of levels, ages and styles and must portray a story or theme. Routines are allowed to compete up in age range. Routines are not allowed to compete down in age range.

2. Age Requirements: We take the average age of performers as of January 1 dropping off any decimal. Example: 11.8 would compete in the 11 year old category.

  • 4 & Under

  • 5 - 6

  • 7 - 8

  • 9 - 11

  • 12 - 14

  • 15 - 16

  • 17 - 19

  • 20 & Over (Adult/Teacher Category: This category is not eligible for high score or specialty awards and cannot enter into the Title Division. If there are enough entries at a specific regional location, a high score award may be given.)

3. Levels of competition: Inferno Dance will have three separate levels for all age groups and categories. Keep in mind that Spark (Level 1) dancers should exhibit beginner skills, Fire (Level 2) dancers should exhibit intermediate skills, and Blaze (Level 3) dancers should exhibit advanced skills. Judging criteria for adjudicated awards will be based on the expected ability of each level. If our panel of judges feels that a routine has been placed in an incorrect level, Studio Directors/Owners will be given the opportunity to move the routine to the appropriate level or that routine will risk disqualification. When entering a routine in the open or character category, skill level should be determined using the skills listed below where appropriate. If part/all of an open or character routine is in a style not listed, use your own discretion when choosing skill level.


Spark - Level 1

  • soutenu

  • single pirouette

  • single piqué turns

  • chaînésturns

  • saut de chat

  • sissonne

  • petit allegro
    (changement échappé / assemble / jeté )

  • pas de bourrée

  • waltz turn

  • balancé

Fire - Level 2

  • double pirouette

  • double piqué turns

  • Fouetté turns (up to 2)

  • À la seconde turns (up to 2)

  • arabesque turn

  • single attitude turn

  • grand jeté

  • grand pas de chat

  • tor jeté

  • cabriole

  • petit allegro (brisè / sissonne / ballonné / ballotté / cabriole)

  • extensions (below 90°)

  • rond de jambe en l'air


Blaze - Level 3

  • triple pirouette

  • double piqué turns as

  • part of a turning

  • sequence

  • Fouetté turns (more than 2 consecutive)

  • À la seconde turns (more than 2 consecutive)

  • double attitude turn

  • petit allegro (encompasses all of level 1 and 2 with beats)

  • extensions (above 90°)

  • penché

  • tombé coupé jete




Spark - Level 1

  • single/double

  • pirouette

  • saut de chat

  • grand jeté

  • side leap

  • calypso


Fire - Level 2

  • triple pirouette

  • À la seconde turns (up to 3)

  • Fouetté turns (up to 3)

  • reverse leap

  • leg extensions

  • open pas de chat

  • illusion

  • ring leap

  • switch leap

Blaze - Level 3 

  • 4 or more consecutive pirouettes

  • À la seconde turns (more than 3 consecutive)

  • Fouetté turns (more than 3 consecutive)

  • switch center

  • leg spin

  • switch tilt

  • switch arabesque


Spark - Level 1

  • forward roll

  • backward roll

  • backbend

  • cartwheel

  • split

  • straddle

  • handstand

  • round-off

  • valdez

  • front walkover


Fire - Level 2

  • dive roll

  • diving front walkover

  • back walkover

  • front limber

  • front handspring

  • back handspring

  • aerial


Blaze - Level 3 

  • frontflip / salto / Tuck / somersault

  • backflip / salto / tuck / somersault

  • full

  • layout

  • side somi

  • whip back

  • x-out

  • bounders

  • connected tumbling

  • shushunova

  • arabian mounter



Spark - Level 1

  • Graham, Horton,

  • Cunningham or Limon basic

  • technique


Fire - Level 2

  • Graham, Horton,

  • Cunningham or Limon

  • intermediate technique


Blaze - Level 3 

  • Graham, Horton, Cunningham or

  • Limon advanced technique



Spark - Level 1

  • shuffles

  • flaps

  • cramproll

  • triple time step

  • bells

  • buffalo

  • paddle step


Fire - Level 2

  • wings

  • toe stands

  • pull backs

  • double heel click

  • falling off the log

  • riff


Blaze - Level 3

  • double wings

  • toe wings

  • double pull backs

  • single leg wing



Spark - Level 1

  • forward roll

  • backward roll

  • worm

  • slow body isolations


Fire - Level 2

  • hand stands

  • K Stands

  • helicopters

  • slow body isolations windmill

  • 2 handed hops

  • medium paced body

  • isolations

  • handsprings


Blaze - Level 3

  • head spins

  • 1 handed hops

  • flares

  • fast paced body isolations

  • back tuck


4. Competition Categories:

ACROBATIC - Routine contains tumbling passes, flexibility/contortionist movements, and/or stationary gymnastics skills. Must contain dance movements and choreography.

BALLET - Routine must contain ballet technique, classical steps, and movements. Ballet shoes only, no pointe shoes allowed.

CHARACTER - Routine must contain recognizable character movements (clown, animal, etc.) in any category style. Acro style is only allowed 50% of acro skills and the other 50% has to be dance movements.

CONTEMPORARY - Routine must contain a combination of lyrical and modern movements.

HIP-HOP - Routine must contain at least 75% of Hip-Hop or street type moves.

JAZZ - Routine must consist of any type of jazz movements

LYRICAL - Routine should reflect lyrical technique (balance, extension, and control) with the mood of the music.

MODERN - Routine must contain interpretive movement using Graham, Horton, Limon, and/or Cunningham modern technique.

MUSICAL THEATER - Routine must contain movements that reflect a Broadway Show or Musical.


All entries that are:

  1. Clogging

  2. Ethnic (Folkloric)

  3. Mixed styles (combination of styles)

Styles that are not in above categories.

POINTE - Routine must consist of pointe technique. No acro passes permitted.

TAP - Routine must contain tap technique. No acro passes permitted

POM - Routine must consist of sharp precise movements emphasized while carrying pom pons or hands must be in closed fist positions


KICK - Routine must consist of at least 50% of kicks.

VOCAL - Should contain simultaneous dancing while singing. Routine may be any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be pre-recorded and must contain only backup vocals, no lead vocals are permitted.



  • There is a maximum of three acro tricks allowed in the above categories with the exception of Acro, Character, Open and Hip Hop. No acro tricks are permitted in Tap or Pointe.

  • Acro passes which consist of a combination of 2 or more gymnastic/acrobatic skills are considered as one trick.

  • If entering a Production, please select “Production” as the category type during online registration. Productions may include a variety of styles to portray a story or theme.


5. Time Limits:

  • Solo/Duo/Trio 3:00 minutes

  • Small Group 3:00 minutes

  • Large Group 4:00 minutes

  • Lines 4:00 minutes

  • Production 8:00 minutes


Extended time is available for small groups, large groups, lines and productions only. Routines can be extended for 1:00 minute for a flat fee of $25.00; 2:00 minutes for a flat fee of $35.00; or 3:00 minutes for a flat fee of $45.00. No routine will be allowed to extend past 3:00 minutes. A one point deduction will be subtracted from the total score for every 5 seconds in excess.


6. Music: Music may only be submitted on a USB flash drive or IPOD. CDs are only accepted as a backup option. A pre-printed label with your studio name on it will be mailed 10 days prior to event. Please put this label on your USB flash drive or IPOD. Labeled music must be submitted upon check in. A backup option must be accessible throughout the competition if needed. Music must be edited and cued to start. A 5 point deduction will be taken if music is not edited or cued. Music must be submitted at least one hour before performance time.

IPODS: Must be labeled clearly with Studio Name, Address, and Telephone number. Music must all be in one playlist in the order of performance. Title your playlist Inferno Dance. Within the playlist, each entry should be titled with Inferno entry number in parenthesis followed by routine name.

EXAMPLE: Inferno Dance
               (#123)Bohemian Rhapsody

General Rules

7. The same contestant(s) cannot compete more than once in the same category and age group in the Solo division. Duo/Trios are allowed to compete in the same category and age group as long as 50 percent are different dancers. This means that contestants must never compete against themselves in the same age group and category.


8. All routines, including musical lyrics, movements and costumes, must be appropriate for family viewing. Any routines with suggestive movements, inappropriate costumes or lyrics may be scored lower by judges or disqualified.


9. Routines will occur in the order that Inferno Dance schedules unless permission is granted by Inferno Dance to change order. Any entry that is late for their performance order without Inferno Dance approval will result in disqualification. Tentative schedules will be accessible through our competition software and provided via e-mail. Studio change requests must be submitted within 24 hours from when tentative schedule was sent/posted. Final schedule will accessible/emailed out approximately 7 days prior to event. Studio Owners must log in to their accounts in order to view the schedule and other important documents. No changes can be requested after the final schedule has been released.


10. Dancers must be prepared to go on stage at least 30 minutes before their scheduled performance time.


11. Inferno Dance reserves the right to change time/venue/length at their discretion.


12. All dancers, teachers, and parents are to act in a professional manner. Failure to do so may result in deductions from the group’s score.


13. Only amateur dancers are permitted to compete except in the teacher division.


14. Any routines not completed will be allowed to re-perform one time for adjudication only.


15. Lifts are permitted.


16. Photography and videography are strictly prohibited. This includes any device with this capability. Disqualification of routine may occur. (At some events, press passes may be given to one or two designated representatives from each studio, who will be allowed to take photographs of their studio’s performances. Studio owners will be alerted ahead of time if this pertains to the event they are attending). 


17. No liquids, gels, glitter, confetti, smoke, dry ice, or live animals allowed on stage. Violation of these rules may result in disqualification or deduction in score at the discretion of Inferno Dance. 


18. Choreographers, teachers and performers automatically grant permission to Inferno Dance to use their photos for publicity purposes, including ads, television, videotaping and film broadcasting in connection with promotional campaigns.


19. Judging: Each dance will be judged for technique, level of difficulty, performance/showmanship, choreography and costume. Three judges will score the routines on a 100 point scale totaling a score out of 300 points. Judges will provide audio commentary. Scores and audio commentary will be available to view within a week of the competition. An email with instructions on how to access scores and critiques will be sent to the studio owner following each competition.


20. Judges have the right to move a number into a different category based on their interpretation of the dance style used in the routine. Studio Directors/Owners will be given the opportunity to move the routine to the appropriate category or that routine will risk disqualification.


21. Props: General props are allowed. No oversized, scenery or dangerous props, such as fire, swords, knives or real weapons (simulated weapons are allowed with Inferno Dance’s permission). Dancers cannot be standing above 6 feet from the stage floor. Freestanding props that are to be onstage may be placed by helpers within 2 minutes of beginning of routine. Helpers must remain backstage and away from interfering with all dancers. Failure to follow these rules will result in a 10 point deduction. Any questions or concerns about props must be brought to Inferno Dance’s attention at the time of registration. Please be sure to account for all props when registering routines online in the section of registration that asks for size and description. This will assist with scheduling and help to avoid any delays during the competition.


22. Refunds: Inferno Dance reserves the right to cancel the event for any reason. If the event is not rescheduled, all entry fees will be refunded. No refunds will be given if the event is held. In the event of an emergency or illness, only studio credits will be issued with proper verification at the discretion of Inferno Dance. NO CASH REFUNDS.




Adjudicated Awards:

Every routine will receive an award for elite platinum/platinum/high gold/gold/high silver/or silver based on the below scoring.


Scores to earn adjudicated awards:

  • Elite Platinum: 291 – 300

  • Platinum: 276 – 290.99

  • High Gold: 261 – 275.99

  • Gold: 246 – 260.99

  • High Silver: 231 – 245.99

  • Silver: 230.99 and under


High Score Awards:


High Score Awards may be given in each level and age group for solos, duos/trios, small groups, large groups, lines and productions if applicable.

  • Spark: 4 & under; 5-6; 7-8; 9-11; 12-14; 15-16; 17-19; 20 & older

  • Fire: 4 & under; 5-6; 7-8; 9-11; 12-14; 15-16; 17-19; 20 & older

  • Blaze: 4 & under; 5-6; 7-8; 9-11; 12-14; 15-16; 17-19; 20 & older

  • Productions: 11 & Under; 12 & Older

(Levels and age groups may be combined based on registration at each event at the discretion of Inferno Dance)

If there are 10 or more routines within any given level, age group and routine size, then top 5 high scores will be awarded with a plaque. If there are 4-9 routines, then top 3 high scores will be awarded with a plaque. In the solo category, the same contestant may not place more than once for high score in the solo and duo/trio divisions. (Number of high score awards given out at each competition may change at the discretion of Inferno Dance).


Nationals Certificate Prizes:

Nationals certificate prizes will be awarded in each level (Spark, Fire and Blaze) to the top scoring routine for solos, duo/trios, small groups, large groups, lines and productions in each age group, provided there are more than 5 entries in that age group and level. (Nationals certificate awards may be changed at the discretion of Inferno Dance).

Grand Champion:

A Grand Champion award will be given to the top scoring routine. These participants will receive a trophy. Solo and duo/trios are not eligible for Grand Champion Award. (Levels may be combined based on registration and at the discretion of Inferno Dance).


Special Awards:

Four special awards will be presented at each award ceremony. The special awards are Best Choreography, Best Costume, Most Entertaining and Judges’ Choice. These routines will receive a trophy. Additional special awards may be added at the discretion of Inferno Dance.


Inferno Showcase Performance:

Stand-out routines will be selected by the judges to perform in the Inferno Showcase Performance. The routines will be selected based on entertainment and creativity, not based on adjudicated scores. Please note, if a routine is selected to perform in the Inferno Showcase, it does not guarantee platinum or above. Each routine will be awarded a plaque and will not be judged for a second time.



  • Miss/Mr. Tiny Inferno Dance: 6 & Under

  • Miss/Mr. Petite Inferno Dance:  7-8

  • Miss/Mr. Junior Inferno Dance: 9-11

  • Miss/Mr. Teen Inferno Dance: 12-14

  • Miss/Mr. Senior Inferno Dance: 15 & Up


All solos competing for the title category must be pre-registered. Title routines will be judged at the same time as the solo division. There will be two separate score sheets; one for the solo division and one for the Title category.  Title competitors will participate in a master class and interview with Inferno Dance judges to determine their title score to be added to the solo score.


A maximum of four solos are allowed per dancer.

COMPETITION PACKET Important information will be sent to studio owners or accessible online approximately 7 days prior to the competition date. Studio Owners/Directors will need to log on to their Inferno account to view this important information or may receive it via email. This will include: Final schedule, directions, music labels, and any other information necessary for the event.


Please Note: All rules subject to change up until 30 days prior to competition date

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