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Judge Application

Please fill out this form to apply for a judging position for our upcoming season.

  Judges are reviewed, interviewed and on-boarded between the months of September-December.  

  • Travel for most events will be Friday mornings, returning Monday mornings. If you are unable to travel at those times, it is unlikely that you will be booked. 

  • If you are not available at least three (3) weekends between February and May it is unlikely that you will be booked

  This application requires submission of applicant questions below as well as test critique tapes.  We recommend filling out the application on a computer as file upload or URL linking is necessary. 

Please prepare 30-45 minutes to complete application.  Incomplete applications are not considered. 

Applicant Information

Preferred Pronouns
Are you a United States Citizen?
Do you have a criminal record?
Did you compete in dance competitions as a child?

Skills and Experience

Areas of Experience - Check all that apply (should be reflected in resume)

Rate your knowledge/strengths in the following genres:

Jazz & Musical TheatreJazz & Musical Theatre
Lyrical & ContemporaryLyrical & Contemporary
Ballet & PointeBallet & Pointe
Hip HopHip Hop
Pom & CheerPom & Cheer


Check all days you are available for travel
Do you have a valid driver's license and are you willing/able to drive a personal or rental vehicle
How many weekends are you willing to work within the season (there are 13 event weekends total between Feb-May)

Additional Info


Upload Resume


Upload Headshot


Please view the performances below and upload/link your audio critique for each.
We recommend recording the critique on your phone then uploading to each upload box below. Alternatively, you can upload to a cloud drive and submit a link to each critique (please make sure link sharing is set to "anyone with link" and we do not need to request permission).

If you have trouble completing this portion of the application, please email and we will provide an alternate method.

Beginner - Duo/Trio - Jazz


Upload Critique 1

Intermediate - Tap - Solo


Upload Critique 2

Intermediate - Hip Hop - Solo


Upload Critique 3

Advanced - Pointe - Solo


Upload Critique 4

Advanced - Contemporary - Group


Upload Critique 5

Thank you for applying. Our team will review your application and reach out to schedule an interview if you meet our criteria for this position.

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