Masks required for all attendees. 
Social Distancing
measures in place


Thank you so much for continuing to compete with us as we have reinvented our 2020 season and now prepare to move forward into our 2021 Unstoppable Tour. As always, we are excited to bring together our studios, dancers and families to celebrate the art of dance! Most of all, we are committed to the health and well-being of everyone entering or working in our event space. 


 These policies will be updated as conditions and information changes. Regulations will also vary based upon location and venue.

Venue specific regulations may include prohibiting props, dressing rooms, required attendee temperature/wellness checks and more.

Increased Hand and
Venue Sanitization
One audience member per dancer permitted

COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Policies


  • If any dancer, educator or attendee of any kind is feeling sick, we ask that you remain home.

  • Masks will be mandatory for all audience members and attendees. Masks must be worn covering nose and mouth. Mesh/non-opaque masks are not permitted.

  • One (1) Audience Member per dancer will be permitted in the audience space.

    • Audience members must be wearing wristband to be permitted into the audience area​. (Wristbands will be given to studio owners at check-in)

  • Seating will be blocked off to create 6 ft. of distance between audience seating.

  • The apparel station will be credit-card only. No cash transactions will be accepted.

  • Attendees will be unable to handle or try on merchandise prior to purchasing.

  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the venue - we also encourage attendees to bring their own hand sanitizer.

  • The event will be live-streamed (timeline for livestream may vary by location) for viewing from the safety of home.

  • Awards will be broadcast the week following the competition. For more information about awards, click here.

  • No attendees will be permitted in the venue until their scheduled time block. A studio representative/owner must check-in at the apparel station before dancers, audience members and teachers are permitted to enter.



  •  Masks 

    • Masks must be worn at all times by all attendees within the venue except when dancers are performing on-stage.

    • Dancers are permitted to wear masks on stage and doing so will not affect their scoring.

    • Masks must be worn by dancers backstage and removed immediately before performance.

    • Masks must be ​put back on as soon as dancers exit the stage.

  •  Costumes/Scoring 

    • There will be no scoring deductions regarding costumes, costume adjustments or socially distanced dancing protocols including, but not limited to: masks, gloves, face shields, distanced staging, absent dancers, etc. 

    • Studios wishing to forego costumes/changing of costumes and use of dressing rooms will not be penalized. 

  •  Scheduling 

    • Block scheduling will be implemented for all competitions

      • One studio will be permitted in the venue at a time.

      • Studios may not enter until their scheduled time and the space has been cleaned for their arrival. We highly recommend dancers arrive to the venue dressed and ready to perform their first routine.

      • One studio representative should enter the venue first to check-in and ensure they are permitted to enter the dressing space. No attendees will be permitted until a studio representative has checked-in and received the all clear to proceed to the dressing space.

      • Studios must exit the venue within 5 minutes following their final performance, in preparation for the next studio.

      • If a studio has less than 5 routines and 10 dancers, or if you are registered as an independent, you may be in a block with other studios of the same size or independent dancers. 

  •  Props/Backstage/Dressing Rooms 

    • At check-in, studios will receive teacher badges. Anyone wishing to enter the backstage area must be wearing a teacher badge.

    • No more than 2 studio representatives will be permitted in the backstage area for the moving of props. We recommend limiting props usage overall, as some venues may prohibit prop usage and additional representatives backstage.

    • One dressing room will be provided during each studio's time-block. 

    • In some venues, dressing rooms may not be provided.

    • We recommend all dancers coming ready to perform and only using the dressing rooms for costume changes.

    • Only 1 person is permitted per child in the dressing space.

  •  Awards 

    • Awards will be broadcast the week following the competition. For more information regarding awards schedules and viewing, please click here​.

    • At check-in, studios will be given blank adjudicated awards for all routines. Plates for the adjudicated awards, and all other awards earned by your studio will be shipped to you following the awards broadcast.

  • Any dancers, educator or attendee diagnosed with COVID-19 must participate in at least a 10-day quarantine and be out of quarantine for 24 hours prior to attending.

  • If any dancer, educator or attendee of any kind is feeling sick, we ask for the safety of all attendees and employees that you remain home.

  • Studio owner hospitality space will not be available for the 2021 Season.



  • All staff will be required to wear masks throughout the entirety of the event.

  • Staff will be cleaning all areas and work stations between each studio in the block schedule. These areas are including but not limited to: front of house/lobby, merchandise, dressing rooms, awards, audience entrances, backstage areas and all hallway/entrance doors.

  • All staff will be required to do daily temperature and wellness checks. 

  • Any staff showing signs of illness will not be permitted to enter the event space.

  • Increased venue staff will be utilized for additional sanitation of bathrooms and other event spaces.

  • No concessions, food or drink will be provided within venue spaces.

  • Staff are required to report exposure or positive COVID-19 tests prior to traveling to an event. Any staff exposed or positive will not be permitted to travel to the event.


 Inferno Dance holds the right to refuse entry to any attendees, dancers, studios and educators not following the above protocols in their entirety. 


We will be providing more details regarding COVID-19 policies once more is known regarding our venues, state regulations and the recommended safety protocols. We look forward to welcoming you back to our events in a safe and healthy way!