ACROBATIC: tumbling, passes, flexibility / contortionist movements, and / or stationary gymnastics skills. Must also contain dance movements and choreography.


BALLET: ballet technique, classical steps, and movements. Ballet shoes only, no pointe shoes allowed.

CHARACTER: recognizable character movements (clown, animal, etc.) in any category style. Acro style is allowed, but only 50% of routine can be acro skills and the other 50% has to be dance movements.

CONTEMPORARY: a combination of lyrical and modern movements.


HIP-HOP: at least 75% of Hip-Hop or street type moves.

JAZZ: any type of jazz movements.

LYRICAL: should reflect lyrical technique (balance, extension, and control) with the mood of the music.

MODERN: interpretive movement using Graham, Horton, Limon, and/or Cunningham modern technique.

MUSICAL THEATER: movements that reflect a Broadway Show or Musical.

OPEN: All entries that are Clogging, Ethnic (Folkloric), Mixed styles (combination of styles), or styles that are not in above categories.


POINTE: pointe technique. No acro passes permitted.

TAP: tap technique. No acro passes permitted.


POM: sharp precise movements emphasized while carrying pom poms or hands in closed fist positions.


KICK: must consist of at least 50% kicks.


VOCAL: simultaneous dancing while singing. Routine may be any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be pre-recorded and must contain only backup vocals, no lead vocals are permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a maximum of three acro tricks allowed in the above categories with the exception of Acro, CharacterOpen, and Hip Hop.  NO acro tricks are permitted in Tap or Pointe.

Acro passes which consist of a combination of 2 or more gymnastic/acrobatic skills are considered as one trick.


Lifts are permitted.

The same dancer cannot compete more than once in the same category and age group in the Solo division. Duo/Trios are allowed to compete in the same category and age group as long as at least 50% of the routine is made up of different dancers. This means that contestants must never compete against themselves in the same age group and category.

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