Each year, Inferno selects Brand Ambassadors to represent our brand on social media and at events. In previous seasons, Artists on Fire have been selected through our Instagram competition.


This year, Artist on Fire will be a competition in Nashville open to dancers selected as Brand Ambassadors throughout the 2020 Season and any dancers wishing to further their auditioning skills.

The Artist on Fire competition is a one-of-a-kind experience offering masterclasses, interviews, photoshoots and more! Hone your audition skills and learn from the best in the business. Dancers will be scored on each aspect of the competition and from all attendees, a handful of winners will be selected to represent Inferno and receive special opportunities throughout the following season!

All Brand Ambassadors will be entered for a chance to win free travel and hotel stays! There are two ways to become a brand ambassador!

1. Any soloist who wins a Solo Grand Champion award at a regional event also wins a brand ambassadorship.

2. Tag your most creative dance photos with #InfernoArtistonFire for a chance to be selected as a brand ambassador.  

All Brand Ambassadors receive a brand kit to represent Inferno across the nation! 

Artist on Fire winners receive:

  • A mini-documentary  shot in your hometown, featuring you and your story!

  • Edited photos from the photoshoot

  • Special apparel

  • An opportunity to be a guest of honor at Inferno Nationals

  • A free solo and title entry at a regional competition

Ariel - @dancer_ariel_lee
2019-2020 Artist on Fire
Jenna - @jennanzdancer
2019-2020 Artist on Fire
Jocelyn - @jocelynmastro
2019-2020 Artist on Fire
Emery - @dancer_emery
2019-2020 Artist on Fire
JoJo - @jojo_bean_dancing_queen
2019-2020 Future Artist on Fire
Mia - @princess_mia_dances
2019-2020 Future Artist on Fire
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Meet our 2019-2020 Artists on Fire!

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Emery - @dancer_emery

2019-2020 Artist on Fire